The top priority of Broadband Legal is securing the funding individuals need and deserve. And if clients have had issues in the past, Broadband Legal will help them get on the right track.

Appeals/Waiver Requests

If clients have been denied funding or USAC is seeking recovery of funding already disbursed, Broadband Legal will analyze the issues, determine the best approach and strategy, and draft the pleadings necessary to make the best case.

Audits/Payment Quality Assurance Assessments

Notices of an audit or PQA assessment can be scary. But don’t worry. Broadband Legal will be with clients every step of an audit, from the announcement letter through the final report.

Additional services include conducting pre-audits and identifying any areas of non-compliance or missing documentation. Clients will know where they stand if selected for an audit and clients can take the lessons learned from the pre-audit to improve compliance in the future.

Fiber Solutions

For clients interested in exploring self-provisioning as allowed by the Commission’s new rules, Broadband Legal can walk them through the myriad requirements.

“The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.”
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

Do it Right – the First Time
The number one problem area for applicants is competitive bidding. Let Broadband Legal check procedures to ensure they are following the FCC’s rules – and those of the client’s own state and locality.

Broadband Legal can help clients write the RFP and help them through the selection process.

About the Firm

Broadband Legal Strategies is a boutique telecommunications law firm specializing in universal service programs, including E-rate and Rural Health Care/Healthcare Connect.

Our Advantage

Gina Spade, the founder of Broadband Legal Strategies, led the E-rate policy team at the Federal Communications Commission for six years and led the Rural Health Care policy team for four years.

Gina has had a hand in every major E-rate decision by the Commission since 2006, including the 2014 reform orders and the 2010 Sixth Report and Order. She has also managed oversight of E-rate and Rural Health Care audits and assessments and advised the FCC’s chief financial officer on E-rate financial issues.

Our Mission

Broadband Legal Strategies wants to bring its FCC experience and knowledge of both program rules and processes to help clients comply with the E-rate and Rural Health Care program requirements. Congress established these important universal service programs nearly 20 years so that schools, districts, libraries, health care facilities, or states can reach their telecommunications and technology goals.

Broadband Legal believes every eligible entity deserves the funding they are entitled to under the law. Broadband Legal can also assist service providers with questions about the rules and the process.